The Membership (Exclusively for TV Newsers)

Supercharge your skills and TV news career with coaching/networking from a Network Correspondent with Top Ten market experience


  • Feel comfortable, be more conversational, and have straight-up swagger on-air.
  • Ace that live shot every time, drop your mic, and collect compliments and high fives.
  • Create a killer reel that can score interviews in your dream market so you can be closer to family and friends.
  • Have a roadmap to asking better questions, writing more "big market" and sharpening your on-air appearance.
  • Enjoy a mindset shift that boosts your self-esteem, helps your handle haters, and embraces hope and abundance.


Your Instructor

Debra Alfarone
Debra Alfarone

I was a high school dropout, with no connections in TV news.

Through hustle, positivity and persistence, I put myself through college and worked my way up to be a reporter in a top 30 market.

But...I had always wanted to work in NYC. It took an “aha moment” for me to realize the only thing holding me back was ME. In short, I got the F out of my own way and into my dream job.

From there, I became an anchor in Washington, D.C., a correspondent at a network, met my husband and rescued the sweetest dog ever.

Once I realized my dream life, it got me thinking, what if EVERYONE had the tools to get what they want in life?

Here’s the thing: I know I could have made it to my dream markets quicker - years quicker - if I only had a “me” to guide me.

That’s why I’m here to show YOU how.

Rasheeda, Saira and Jenna tell you why you should join The Membership!



  • Weekly Zoom Masterclasses: Focusing on writing, confidence, negotiating, career moves, branding, or network with movers and shakers!

  • 1 Monthly Review of Your Work: Share a package, an A-block, or your reel montage.

  • Learn & Be Inspired: Access to video library of more than 65 past guest speakers and workshops.

  • Access to Exclusive Facebook Group: Network with like-minded journalists, and connect with Debra.

  • Option to Purchase One-on-One Coaching Call at Member Price: Special Member pricing of $150/hour for dedicated 1-on-1 coaching sessions with Debra.

Why The Membership? Because if Debra can navigate the TV news industry and land herself a job in the number one market and at network by herself, she can help you too.

At $29/month, this costs far less than what you'd pay an agent. If you're not ready to make the agent commitment and want to grow your skills and take the next step in your career, this is the group for you!

And, you can cancel anytime.

Listen and Learn from Journalism's Movers and Shakers!

This alone is worth it!

"Debra Alfarone's coaching advice is invaluable. She has helped me feel more confident in my journalistic abilities. She is passionate and takes the time to understand one's aspirations to help them achieve that goal."

- Sierra Fox, Reporter, Fox 5 DC

"Debra is the mentor, coach and cheerleader everyone needs in their newsroom. But you won’t get this kind of feedback at your station. Your colleagues are busy, and to be honest the pointers Debra has are probably ones people around you haven’t heard before."

- Laura Simon, Morning Anchor, 5News

"If you want to learn how to conquer the streets of major markets and write and speak like a pro, then listen to Debra!"

- Allison Kaden, Reporter, PIX 11 News

"There are NOT many things that are tailored to journalists that are affordable and ACTUALLY HELPFUL. This is both!!

- Bria White, Former TV Journalist, Marketing & Communications Consultant

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does The Membership last?
It lasts as long as you want it to. You may cancel at any time.
What if I can't make one of the Zoom calls?
All of the Zoom calls are streamed live to the private Facebook Group and then archived there. You can watch them back at any time.

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