Why You Need to GTFO of Your Own Way to Master A Winning Biz Boss Mindset

Welcome to Broadcast to Billions: Be Seen. Heard. Paid. - the only digital course that can help you become a badass on video, get booked on TV and make more bank.

Before we accomplish that, we have to lay the groundwork first.

The first few modules are dedicated to that groundwork, then we can dive right in to helping you be Seen. Heard. Paid.


In Module 1, you'll hear Debra's introduction to this course.

Then, you'll learn how to master your winning biz boss mindset, using the GTFO method Debra's presented to Fortune 500 companies, like American Express.

Four worksheets are listed below to help you master your mindset. (Download them now so you can hit the ground running.)

You may want to create a Seen. Heard. Paid. folder on your desktop to keep all your worksheets from this course.

Please set aside 30-45 minutes to do the work laid out in Module 1.

Lastly, download the wallpaper for your phone so you can always remember the steps to GTFO of your own way.

Feel free to share your experience becoming Seen. Heard. Paid. on social media and tag Debra at @DebraAlfarone on Instagram! Use the hashtag #SeenHeardPaid.

M1 SHP Get Real list.pdf
M1 SHP Triumphs list.pdf
M1 SHP Freedom to Choose Labels list.pdf
M1 SHP Own It List.pdf